Alex Fitton is a British Crime Thriller author who is known for creating dark and devious criminal characters and gritty NYPD detectives hellbent on catching them.

For lovers of Crime and Thriller stories, Alex Fitton’s work offers the perfect mix of excitement and intrigue.

His debut release, Goodbye Prison, reached the top of an Amazon Short Story Chart in America while also hitting the top ten in both the UK and India.

As a child, he grew up reading the Harry Potter series of novels before ‘graduating’ to Thriller authors like Dan Brown and Tess Gerritsen in his teens.

Alex first started writing and sharing his work while at University back in 2011 via Wattpad, an online writing platform. He now uses the website to share first drafts of his work for early-stage feedback.

To find out more about what Alex is currently working on, check out his blog, or follow him on Twitter or Facebook.